For awhile there I was really obsessed with social media. I loved posting photos probably more than I loved doing what I was doing in those photos. With a lot of loving encouragement from David, this New Years this year I decided my resolution would be to go on a Social Media Diet. Really only focus on the “healthy” aspects of social media. I love to blog and post, mostly because its a creative outlet for me, but my Facebook and Instagram addictions were really not healthy. I didn’t even realize how much I was addicted to social media until I completely cut it out! So right now I am focusing on creating a life I love to live, not just post photos of, and to be completely honest I am so much happier. I still take photos of special moments (more photos than anyone will need… just ask David) but those photos are for my enjoyment. I don’t need to define how much I like them by how many likes they get! I really think this is the best diet I have ever been on!

Happy Sunday and enjoy your week.



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