LOVE LETTERS: We’re Engaged!

I have some amazing, incredible, exciting news!! (I really don’t think there are enough exclamation points and adjectives to describe how I feel right now typing out this post!!) Saturday night David asked me to marry him and I could not have been happier to say yes. Saturday was the perfect day of relaxing for me, I went shopping and got a mani and pedi while David golfed. We had planned to go to our favorite restaurant in Dallas (the spot David took me on our very first date) Campisi’s (the original one on Mockingbird!) I like to get ready for our dates in our guest bedroom while David gets ready in our room. I always love to pretend that its our very first date and David gets to see me when I am all ready. I usually walk down the stairs and David will tell me I look great and we will be on our way for our dinner plans. Well this Saturday was a little different, I got all dolled up and I walked down the stairs where David met me, got down on one knee and told me ever since he waited for me from the first time he took me to Campisi’s he was hoping this day would come, he said a ton more sweet and heartfelt things, and then asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES! We shared a champagne toast (he had a bottle chilled and waiting– this guy thinks of everything!) then we went to Campisi’s and shared the same meal we shared on our first date. Afterwards, we came back to our house where we celebrated the good news with our very good friends and neighbors, drinking champagne, laughing, and loving the moment. Thank you to everyone who has loved and encouraged us while we were dating, we can not wait to start this journey together!

Outside the original Campisi's

Outside the original Campisi’s


OBSESSED. I can't even describe how lucky I am!

OBSESSED. I can’t even describe how lucky I am!

Our huge after party celebration with our dear friends!

Our huge after party celebration with our dear friends! We have the best friends! Everyone brought a bottle and I definitely think we had plenty! haha


David and I have so much moving and unpacking to do, but all I can think about is planning a wedding (come on everyone has a secret Pinterest board) I am so excited to share every moment with all of you! xoxo

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