I just LOVE this quote because it applies to SO many different things in our lives. As a woman (or maybe just a human!), I feel like we all constantly compare ourselves to each other, to friends, family and people we don’t even know but see passing us on the street! This is a quote I really want to focus on this week. I don’t need to worry that I am in the beginning of my career, or blogging, or getting back in to healthy eating and fitness. My beginning doesn’t need to look as good as the middle of someone else’s journey! I need to embrace the moments where I start something new, where I might not be the fastest, quickest, or strongest, because these are the moments I am going to look back on and say “man I am sure glad I didn’t give up.” Always be grateful for where you come from. There is not one single destination for your career success, your blog, your physical strength, or your relationship, it is ALWAYS about the journey. I just need to remember these words when I am having those doubts!




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