I have been working hard on some new and upcoming changes to the blog! For the past two years (wow I can not believe it has been that long!) I have really been focused on my content, finding my voice as a blogger, and really diving in to what I love to write about. I feel like I have kind of let the look of my site go to the wayside while I found my footing. I am so excited to change up my theme (loving FICTIVE) and hopefully in the future have a custom site! I am also trying to focus a lot of energy on my next step in the blogging world. First on the list, getting active in social media! Here is to the next chapter of LOVE LETTERS TO HOME.

Please help welcome LOVE LETTERS TO HOME. to the 21st century by following us on Twitter (@LLTHblog) and Instagram (loveletterstohome)

Follow us @LLTHblog

Follow us @LLTHblog

Find us on Instagram, loveletterstohome

Find us on Instagram, @loveletterstohome

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