HAPPY HOUR: Patio Margaritas

I know I have posted A LOT of margarita recipes on this blog, but I have come across my absolute favorite, and quite possibly the absolute easiest margarita you could ever make! This recipe is in honor of our neighbor Karen coming back in to town (even if its only for a few days) She is the one who so generously passed this recipe on to me!




1 Can of  Frozen Limeade



Orange Juice



Combine 1 can of frozen limeade, one can of water (all these measurements you’ll just use the limeade can for!), half a can of orange juice, 1 can of tequila, and half of any Mexican beer (we prefer Corona!) Stir and refrigerate. Garnish glass with a salted rim and a lime wedge and you are good to go!

These are perfect for a casual night of homemade Mexican food or to supply for the masses at a party (they are that easy!)


HAPPY HOUR: Easiest Corona Margarita

David and I are in Texas this weekend. Our final trip back before we officially move back home. We miss a lot of things about Texas, great tex-mex, margaritas, warm weather! I told David this weekend I need to sit on a patio and drink a margarita, so here is my Easiest Margarita recipe in case any of you want to join in the fun!





1 can frozen limeade
1 empty limeade can Tequila
1 empty limeade can of water
1 bottle Corona

Mix together in a pitcher and pour over ice! Enjoy!