SUNDAY INSPIRATION: What Happiness Takes


I just adore this quote, because of its complete and honest truth. I am a true believer that happiness is a decision you make, and staying happy is a that decision being repeated over and over in your daily routine. Happiness is not a destination but a side effect of courage, work, and intentional behaviors. Obviously anything worth having is worth working for, but I think the really hard part for me was finding that┬ácourage and without a doubt happiness takes courage. Only a short time ago I had a really big fear of missing out, of not getting the approval of others. I would buy concert tickets not because I wanted to see the band, but just because I was afraid of missing out. It is such a freeing feeling to know that I am courageous enough to say no to plans because they won’t make me happy. I am courageous enough to tell people my hobbies don’t include going out to bars, but blogging and obsessing about my next home DIY project because that is what truly makes me happy. Never be ashamed of the┬áhealthy and happy decision you make in your life just because others might disapprove.