So many times I find quotes online or on Pinterest and they strike me as such amazing inspiration, not for my blog or for others, but really tug at my own heart strings and pull at my own personal development. I know I am guilty of doing the exact opposite that this quote asks you to do. I know there are times that I am cranky, upset, or quite frankly miserable at home, but I go out into the world and smile at strangers because I am worried of their impression of me. Now don’t get me wrong smiling at a stranger or an act of kindness is nothing to be ashamed of because that can truly change the course of someones day or even life, but what about those people at home? What about the ones who care for you and love you even when you’re cranky, they deserve your smile, they deserve your love and open heart the most. Just because you know those people will be around forever, whether they are the family you are born with or the family you have created on your own, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them your only smile! That is even more reason to give them your smile, because through good and bad they have given you theirs. So this week, and more, I am going to give my smile (hopefully there is more than one) to those at home.




I just LOVE this quote because it applies to SO many different things in our lives. As a woman (or maybe just a human!), I feel like we all constantly compare ourselves to each other, to friends, family and people we don’t even know but see passing us on the street! This is a quote I really want to focus on this week. I don’t need to worry that I am in the beginning of my career, or blogging, or getting back in to healthy eating and fitness. My beginning doesn’t need to look as good as the middle of someone else’s journey! I need to embrace the moments where I start something new, where I might not be the fastest, quickest, or strongest, because these are the moments I am going to look back on and say “man I am sure glad I didn’t give up.” Always be grateful for where you come from. There is not one single destination for your career success, your blog, your physical strength, or your relationship, it is ALWAYS about the journey. I just need to remember these words when I am having those doubts!






I have been through some MAJOR changes in the past month. I graduated from college, moved across the country, and got engaged. All of these things are AMAZING, WONDERFUL, and such BLESSINGS, but a lot of change! Tomorrow I start my “big girl job” (as I have been calling it for weeks now) and I will no longer be an intern, but enter in to the workforce as prepared as I could ever be. Still the change can sometimes be overwhelming. I think for the next week, probably the next few weeks, I am going to focus on building the new. Building my future, building my life, and not worrying. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge worry-er (huge might even be an understatement) and that is an area I am trying so hard to focus on and let go of. I need to hold on to the change, build on change, not spend so much energy worrying about what might be, what might go wrong, or what I need to be doing. Life and change happen, and as long as I focus on building my life, riding the change like a wave instead of fighting against the current, I know everything will be alright, most definitely more than alright.

I’m guess what I’m really challenging myself (and maybe all of you, if you are also a fellow worry-er) to do is to stop worrying and enjoy the change (for a change- pun intended)!

Enjoy this week, everything will work out! xoxo