Now if you have ever met me you will know that quiet isn’t a word that will come to mind when you think of me. I am a little loud, outgoing, full of energy and ideas, and always goofing around. That usually doesn’t leave a lot of room in the day to be quiet, just ask David. Though I am sometimes loud and opinionated, I have found that my struggle in any relationship is finding my voice. Not my physical voice, that works quite well, but my inner voice, my truth. I have found that I usually go along with what others say, people please, and end up doing things I might not want to do. This leaves me feeling empty because I never truly get a chance to voice my truth, but do I really know what my truth would say? This is where this quote comes in. I have found that being quiet, taking a moment in the beginning of the day, before a big decision, before an important conversation, or just on the commute home from work, really helps me focus on my truth, what I want, what I desire the outcome to be, or how I want to live my life. Being quiet I hear so much more. Emptying my head of buzz and chatter, emptying my head of the continuing reel of things I need to do, or the latest celebrity gossip on TMZ, and really being quiet is one of the greatest things I have learned in finding my voice. I am going to try even harder this week to find more time to empty my thoughts and be quiet so that I can truly hear. I want to know my voice, know my truth. and creating that time I am one step closer.

SUNDAY INSPIRATION: What Happiness Takes


I just adore this quote, because of its complete and honest truth. I am a true believer that happiness is a decision you make, and staying happy is a that decision being repeated over and over in your daily routine. Happiness is not a destination but a side effect of courage, work, and intentional behaviors. Obviously anything worth having is worth working for, but I think the really hard part for me was finding that courage and without a doubt happiness takes courage. Only a short time ago I had a really big fear of missing out, of not getting the approval of others. I would buy concert tickets not because I wanted to see the band, but just because I was afraid of missing out. It is such a freeing feeling to know that I am courageous enough to say no to plans because they won’t make me happy. I am courageous enough to tell people my hobbies don’t include going out to bars, but blogging and obsessing about my next home DIY project because that is what truly makes me happy. Never be ashamed of the healthy and happy decision you make in your life just because others might disapprove.



I love this quote and I really think it rings true to how our society is today. So often I feel like we are all under this pressure to be a certain way, to be perfectly put together, and not show the world our struggles. But honestly, I feel like the world would be a better place if we all accepted the struggles that are required to achieve beauty in our lives. I know we would all have a better relationship with others if we recognized that everyone is fighting their own battle. And I know for certain that we would have better relationships with ourselves if we accepted the struggles we go through as a part of something greater, a way to achieve a more beautiful life. This week and weeks to come I hope to accept this about myself, to realize how far I have come in life and the butterfly I am today as well as the beautiful butterfly I can become.




I think being present in the moment has always been a struggle for me. I have a creative mind and an active imagination, which I wouldn’t trade for the whole, but that sometimes leaves me lost in my thought instead of lost in the moment. I am trying to practice mindfulness, really being present in a moment. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time for a wandering mind, creative brainstorms, and wild imagination, but finding a balance of these things and being mindful has been a struggle lately. I find myself in a work meeting, a church sermon, or even a conversation with a coworker having my thoughts wander to my growing to-do list, a potential blog post, or even the excitement I have about my wedding. I find that I am missing information, missing great moments or funny jokes, or really just missing an opportunity to connect with someone because of my wandering mind. This week I am going to continue to try and be mindful, to pay attention more and wander a little less.





HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! To all the mothers, moms to be, and those who mother without realizing. I loved this quote and it is so fitting that is by MOTHER Teresa! This quote really reminds me of my own mom. She has always taught me through example to make people feel included, to encourage people, and to make them feel special. I know I always try to make everyone feel comfortable, included, and loved whether its as simple as sharing a smile or a laugh.

I will always love the mothers and grandmothers in my life for all that they have given to me. Thank you to my own mother who gave me my love of cooking and my competitive spirit. To my grandma Mary Jane who gave to me her love of jewelry and her kind heart. To my grandma Rose who gave to me her love of any card game, especially black jack and my love of reading. I am lucky enough to have gained another great mom when I met David! So to Karen, thank you for giving me the gift of eternal understanding and someone who will always have my back! And to Karen’s mother, Joyce, who recently passed, thank you for giving me the Tyler-Stephenson family, I will forever be grateful for your gifts.

Happy Mother’s Day!