Happy Father’s Day to all! It has be a long weekend of celebrating, but I am grateful that I get to spend Father’s Day weekend with my Dad! As soon as I read this quote, I knew exactly what day I wanted to post it. I am so lucky to have been able to spread my wings and live in cities like New York and Dallas. I even ended up in one of those cities for good! I know none of that would have been possible without my Dad. He prepared me to be a go getter and a hard worker. He has always been the one to really focus on preparing for the future, and for that I am so grateful because I truly love where I am at.

So Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads, father figures, and futures Dads out there!






I think this quote is so fitting for this time in my life. I am officially a college graduate. I have a huge, exciting new mountain to climb and I can not wait to get started! I really don’t want to forget this feeling, the feeling of having so many great things to do, see, and experience. I want to remember this because no matter where I go in life I will always have more amazing things to do and see. You don’t have to have a huge momentous occasion in life to start something new, to find a new mountain. I really think this is something I’ll want to remember years down the road. Today is always your day!



SUNDAY INSPIRATION: Grace Not Perfection


Nothing in life is perfect, not even if it seems perfect. I have recently realized in life that I am a recovering perfectionist. Not a perfectionist in the fact that my house is always spotless or I never make mistakes, but perfectionist in the fact that I used to beat myself up if things did not go exactly as I had planned or I made even the smallest of mistakes. This way of thinking, this life attitude, can really take a toll on someone. I love this quote because it really changed my way of thinking. I want to hold myself to a standard of grace, a standard of trying my best but being okay with myself if things aren’t perfect. I really needed to realize that in this world we all are really perfectly imperfect. During the last few weeks of my senior thesis and preparing for graduation I really need to remember this! Life is not about being perfect, but enjoying the mistakes along the way. Hold yourself to a standard of grace this week, forgive yourself a little easier, give yourself encouragement. We all deserve a little more of this.