I love this quote and I really think it rings true to how our society is today. So often I feel like we are all under this pressure to be a certain way, to be perfectly put together, and not show the world our struggles. But honestly, I feel like the world would be a better place if we all accepted the struggles that are required to achieve beauty in our lives. I know we would all have a better relationship with others if we recognized that everyone is fighting their own battle. And I know for certain that we would have better relationships with ourselves if we accepted the struggles we go through as a part of something greater, a way to achieve a more beautiful life. This week and weeks to come I hope to accept this about myself, to realize how far I have come in life and the butterfly I am today as well as the beautiful butterfly I can become.





So many times I find quotes online or on Pinterest and they strike me as such amazing inspiration, not for my blog or for others, but really tug at my own heart strings and pull at my own personal development. I know I am guilty of doing the exact opposite that this quote asks you to do. I know there are times that I am cranky, upset, or quite frankly miserable at home, but I go out into the world and smile at strangers because I am worried of their impression of me. Now don’t get me wrong smiling at a stranger or an act of kindness is nothing to be ashamed of because that can truly change the course of someones day or even life, but what about those people at home? What about the ones who care for you and love you even when you’re cranky, they deserve your smile, they deserve your love and open heart the most. Just because you know those people will be around forever, whether they are the family you are born with or the family you have created on your own, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them your only smile! That is even more reason to give them your smile, because through good and bad they have given you theirs. So this week, and more, I am going to give my smile (hopefully there is more than one) to those at home.