HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! To all the mothers, moms to be, and those who mother without realizing. I loved this quote and it is so fitting that is by MOTHER Teresa! This quote really reminds me of my own mom. She has always taught me through example to make people feel included, to encourage people, and to make them feel special. I know I always try to make everyone feel comfortable, included, and loved whether its as simple as sharing a smile or a laugh.

I will always love the mothers and grandmothers in my life for all that they have given to me. Thank you to my own mother who gave me my love of cooking and my competitive spirit. To my grandma Mary Jane who gave to me her love of jewelry and her kind heart. To my grandma Rose who gave to me her love of any card game, especially black jack and my love of reading. I am lucky enough to have gained another great mom when I met David! So to Karen, thank you for giving me the gift of eternal understanding and someone who will always have my back! And to Karen’s mother, Joyce, who recently passed, thank you for giving me the Tyler-Stephenson family, I will forever be grateful for your gifts.

Happy Mother’s Day!