I might have talked about this before, but I tend to have trouble letting go and being done with mistakes I make or bad days. I have noticed that the reel usually plays over and over in my head of what I could have done differently, and I tend to beat myself up about silly mistakes I have made. I have decided I really need to have a more positive and realistic voice in my head. Not all things are bad, and not every little mistake is worth beating yourself up about. David always tells me that the best way to deal with mistakes or blunders is to always learn something about yourself or what you can do differently next time, and then you can truly move on (he’s a smart man that one). I think that this quote is a beautiful way to live, to allow yourself to be human and make mistakes, love yourself for it, and then start each day new and fresh. This week I am going to try and give myself a clean slate every day, to learn but not dwell, and to speak to myself a little bit nicer.




Now if you have ever met me you will know that quiet isn’t a word that will come to mind when you think of me. I am a little loud, outgoing, full of energy and ideas, and always goofing around. That usually doesn’t leave a lot of room in the day to be quiet, just ask David. Though I am sometimes loud and opinionated, I have found that my struggle in any relationship is finding my voice. Not my physical voice, that works quite well, but my inner voice, my truth. I have found that I usually go along with what others say, people please, and end up doing things I might not want to do. This leaves me feeling empty because I never truly get a chance to voice my truth, but do I really know what my truth would say? This is where this quote comes in. I have found that being quiet, taking a moment in the beginning of the day, before a big decision, before an important conversation, or just on the commute home from work, really helps me focus on my truth, what I want, what I desire the outcome to be, or how I want to live my life. Being quiet I hear so much more. Emptying my head of buzz and chatter, emptying my head of the continuing reel of things I need to do, or the latest celebrity gossip on TMZ, and really being quiet is one of the greatest things I have learned in finding my voice. I am going to try even harder this week to find more time to empty my thoughts and be quiet so that I can truly hear. I want to know my voice, know my truth. and creating that time I am one step closer.




I have been through some MAJOR changes in the past month. I graduated from college, moved across the country, and got engaged. All of these things are AMAZING, WONDERFUL, and such BLESSINGS, but a lot of change! Tomorrow I start my “big girl job” (as I have been calling it for weeks now) and I will no longer be an intern, but enter in to the workforce as prepared as I could ever be. Still the change can sometimes be overwhelming. I think for the next week, probably the next few weeks, I am going to focus on building the new. Building my future, building my life, and not worrying. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge worry-er (huge might even be an understatement) and that is an area I am trying so hard to focus on and let go of. I need to hold on to the change, build on change, not spend so much energy worrying about what might be, what might go wrong, or what I need to be doing. Life and change happen, and as long as I focus on building my life, riding the change like a wave instead of fighting against the current, I know everything will be alright, most definitely more than alright.

I’m guess what I’m really challenging myself (and maybe all of you, if you are also a fellow worry-er) to do is to stop worrying and enjoy the change (for a change- pun intended)!

Enjoy this week, everything will work out! xoxo