Happy Father’s Day to all! It has be a long weekend of celebrating, but I am grateful that I get to spend Father’s Day weekend with my Dad! As soon as I read this quote, I knew exactly what day I wanted to post it. I am so lucky to have been able to spread my wings and live in cities like New York and Dallas. I even ended up in one of those cities for good! I know none of that would have been possible without my Dad. He prepared me to be a go getter and a hard worker. He has always been the one to really focus on preparing for the future, and for that I am so grateful because I truly love where I am at.

So Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads, father figures, and futures Dads out there!





I just LOVE this quote because it applies to SO many different things in our lives. As a woman (or maybe just a human!), I feel like we all constantly compare ourselves to each other, to friends, family and people we don’t even know but see passing us on the street! This is a quote I really want to focus on this week. I don’t need to worry that I am in the beginning of my career, or blogging, or getting back in to healthy eating and fitness. My beginning doesn’t need to look as good as the middle of someone else’s journey! I need to embrace the moments where I start something new, where I might not be the fastest, quickest, or strongest, because these are the moments I am going to look back on and say “man I am sure glad I didn’t give up.” Always be grateful for where you come from. There is not one single destination for your career success, your blog, your physical strength, or your relationship, it is ALWAYS about the journey. I just need to remember these words when I am having those doubts!






I have been through some MAJOR changes in the past month. I graduated from college, moved across the country, and got engaged. All of these things are AMAZING, WONDERFUL, and such BLESSINGS, but a lot of change! Tomorrow I start my “big girl job” (as I have been calling it for weeks now) and I will no longer be an intern, but enter in to the workforce as prepared as I could ever be. Still the change can sometimes be overwhelming. I think for the next week, probably the next few weeks, I am going to focus on building the new. Building my future, building my life, and not worrying. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge worry-er (huge might even be an understatement) and that is an area I am trying so hard to focus on and let go of. I need to hold on to the change, build on change, not spend so much energy worrying about what might be, what might go wrong, or what I need to be doing. Life and change happen, and as long as I focus on building my life, riding the change like a wave instead of fighting against the current, I know everything will be alright, most definitely more than alright.

I’m guess what I’m really challenging myself (and maybe all of you, if you are also a fellow worry-er) to do is to stop worrying and enjoy the change (for a change- pun intended)!

Enjoy this week, everything will work out! xoxo




HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! To all the mothers, moms to be, and those who mother without realizing. I loved this quote and it is so fitting that is by MOTHER Teresa! This quote really reminds me of my own mom. She has always taught me through example to make people feel included, to encourage people, and to make them feel special. I know I always try to make everyone feel comfortable, included, and loved whether its as simple as sharing a smile or a laugh.

I will always love the mothers and grandmothers in my life for all that they have given to me. Thank you to my own mother who gave me my love of cooking and my competitive spirit. To my grandma Mary Jane who gave to me her love of jewelry and her kind heart. To my grandma Rose who gave to me her love of any card game, especially black jack and my love of reading. I am lucky enough to have gained another great mom when I met David! So to Karen, thank you for giving me the gift of eternal understanding and someone who will always have my back! And to Karen’s mother, Joyce, who recently passed, thank you for giving me the Tyler-Stephenson family, I will forever be grateful for your gifts.

Happy Mother’s Day!




I think this quote is so fitting for this time in my life. I am officially a college graduate. I have a huge, exciting new mountain to climb and I can not wait to get started! I really don’t want to forget this feeling, the feeling of having so many great things to do, see, and experience. I want to remember this because no matter where I go in life I will always have more amazing things to do and see. You don’t have to have a huge momentous occasion in life to start something new, to find a new mountain. I really think this is something I’ll want to remember years down the road. Today is always your day!







For awhile there I was really obsessed with social media. I loved posting photos probably more than I loved doing what I was doing in those photos. With a lot of loving encouragement from David, this New Years this year I decided my resolution would be to go on a Social Media Diet. Really only focus on the “healthy” aspects of social media. I love to blog and post, mostly because its a creative outlet for me, but my Facebook and Instagram addictions were really not healthy. I didn’t even realize how much I was addicted to social media until I completely cut it out! So right now I am focusing on creating a life I love to live, not just post photos of, and to be completely honest I am so much happier. I still take photos of special moments (more photos than anyone will need… just ask David) but those photos are for my enjoyment. I don’t need to define how much I like them by how many likes they get! I really think this is the best diet I have ever been on!

Happy Sunday and enjoy your week.





Lately I have realized I keep wanting, wishing, and hoping time to fly by and I really shouldn’t be! I have so many great moments ahead (graduation, a big move, and a new job!) but I really need to cherish and live in the moment. If I keep focusing on what is ahead I won’t realize how great the days are right now. This week I am going to focus my energies on living in the moment, cherishing my time right now and not just focusing on the future! Enjoy your Sunday, and I wish you a wonderful week to come!