I am always constantly trying to improve myself. Not that I am not happy with myself, but because I know there is always more I can give, to relationships, to myself, and to the world. There have been plenty of times where I find something I want to improve on, or something that I can’t wait to try out, but my enthusiasm dies after a week or two and I still haven’t made whatever it might be a habit. I know my failure, or lack of follow through, has to do with the fact that I am trying to use my old ways to open new doors. I need to know myself, know my ways, and know what works for me. If I am going to really implement a habit and open a new door of a healthier happier me, I am going to have to step out of my comfort zone, try a new way of doing things, and really push myself to make it happen. Change does not happen when we are comfortable. Change doesn’t happen with our old ways. This week I am going to continue to challenge myself to seek out new ways to open new doors.





I love this quote because I think it applies to every aspect of our lives. What we put energy in to, is where we see the most growth, most reward, and most love. This is true for careers, relationships, spirituality, and personal development. A lot of times people get caught up in comparing ourselves to others or wanting what others have already achieved, I know I do. I think if I take all that time I waste worrying or yearning for something I don’t currently have, and place that in efforts to improve (metaphorically water my grass) myself, my career, my relationships whatever the case may be, I would see so much growth. This is all easier said than done, how do we have enough hours in the day to water our grass in every area of our lives?  Its overwhelming! I think this week and in future I am going to make an effort to spend a little time each day caring for myself in whatever area needs improvement, whatever area that has grass that needs a little TLC. Even if that is just getting up earlier in the morning to work out, read a bible verse, or make breakfast so David and I can share a meal together, I will be one step closer to greener grass. I just need to make sure I focus on those small and wonderful things, enjoying those moments.





I love this  quote. I love the idea that loving yourself is a project, a lifelong process, not something that just magically happens.  I recently had the privilege of watching a YouTube post by Amy Poehler on her YouTube channel Ask Amy all about Bodies and Body image. I fell in love with her response about how we need to focus on the areas of our body or ourselves that we love. Tell ourselves over and over again what we love about ourselves, especially when we are feeling down. We need to talk to ourselves in a loving way, like we would a sister or a friend. I think in todays world with the constant updates and photos it is impossible to not compare yourself or your life to others. I think my new goal is to change the tone of that voice in my head. If I can talk to others in a loving, kind, and compassionate way, I really need to do the same for myself.