I am so grateful to have the opportunity to write another Sunday Inspiration post. It has been awhile and I really have missed the time to reflect on some really amazing quotes (I have a whole stash on my desktop!). I think for a long time in my life I had a problem being brave. Being brave scared me because I didn’t know what would come of it, what would come of me speaking my mind, doing something I had never done before, or facing something extremely difficult or painful. I was afraid of being brave, I knew I was capable of being brave, I was just too afraid to try. I have realized this really isn’t any way to live! I want the ability to deal, fix, tackle any challenges that come my way and not shy away from fixing anything. Now that I have the ability to pray for braveness I no longer worry about what might come my way, I know that I can always ask for what I need and I will receive it. Everything we need we already have within us, and that is an extremely beautiful realization for me.