I love this quote. I feel like I start off so many sunday inspiration posts by saying that, but its just as simple as that. I know not everyone loves inspirational quotes as much as I do, but having a good thought or mantra to remind yourself of where you want to be, what you want to do, or quite simply to have fun is such a beautiful thing and this is just that kind of quote. This is a mantra. This is something I strive to do. Lately I feel like I have been doing a lot of echoing, and I want to change that. I feel like everyone has a unique view of the world, shaped by our experiences, our values, and our goals, but so often our voices are all the same. That voice has been shaped by pop culture, friends, family, or how we think we should be. I want to have a unique voice, a truth all my own. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to agree with anyone or I don’t believe things that others believe, I just want a unique expression. Sometimes I find it hard to embrace who I am or my individuality. This ¬†quote is telling me to do exactly that. Be a voice, be who you are, and be okay with that. Don’t echo what others think or do just because you can, always stay true to yourself.





Now if you have ever met me you will know that quiet isn’t a word that will come to mind when you think of me. I am a little loud, outgoing, full of energy and ideas, and always goofing around. That usually doesn’t leave a lot of room in the day to be quiet, just ask David. Though I am sometimes loud and opinionated, I have found that my struggle in any relationship is finding my voice. Not my physical voice, that works quite well, but my inner voice, my truth. I have found that I usually go along with what others say, people please, and end up doing things I might not want to do. This leaves me feeling empty because I never truly get a chance to voice my truth, but do I really know what my truth would say? This is where this quote comes in. I have found that being quiet, taking a moment in the beginning of the day, before a big decision, before an important conversation, or just on the commute home from work, really helps me focus on my truth, what I want, what I desire the outcome to be, or how I want to live my life. Being quiet I hear so much more. Emptying my head of buzz and chatter, emptying my head of the continuing reel of things I need to do, or the latest celebrity gossip on TMZ, and really being quiet is one of the greatest things I have learned in finding my voice. I am going to try even harder this week to find more time to empty my thoughts and be quiet so that I can truly hear. I want to know my voice, know my truth. and creating that time I am one step closer.